• Telephone Booth Stuffing

    In taking part in this event, several college students would squeeze themselves into a telephone booth

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  • Pet Rocks

    The rocks were seen as a perfect pet, needing very little maintenance and always behaving, quietly and peacefully

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  • Dance Marathons

    These endurance contests offered the unemployed hopes of temporary fame, small fortune, and the opportunity to dance their cares away

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  • Goldfish Swallowing

    At its height, goldfish swallowing was all the rage with the record allegedly exceeding 300 fish swallowed in one sitting

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  • Panty Raids

    After achieving their goal, the raiders would parade around the entrance of the dormitory boastfully holding up the “stolen goods.”

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  • Zoot Suits

    Characterized by an oversized jacket with large lapels, padded shoulders and baggy pants which were cuffed at the ankles with a wide brimmed fedora hat

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Welcome to the Bad Fads Museum!

Fads have come to typify periods of time in popular culture over the 20th century. From Flagpole Sitting in the 1920’s, Dance Marathons and the Zoot Suits of the 1930’s and Goldfish Swallowing of the 1940’s, fads really emerged in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s with the coming of the Hula Hoop, Telephone Booth Stuffing, Bellbottoms, Platforms Shoes, Mood Rings and the Pet Rock. The 1980’s and 1990’s are represented as well with the Rubik’s Cube, Beanie Babies and the Hacky Sack.

Browse through the fun and fascinating fads of the last 100 years. The Bad Fads Museum will take you on a tour of popular culture with more than 100 fads in ten categories: ActivitiesCollectiblesEventsFashionHealthHobbiesMusicRecreationTechnology and Television/Film.

The Bad Fads Museum will take you on a tour of popular culture with hundreds of the fads you wish would stay forever… or never come back!


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